Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club
HBJC announces
Zuzu® Judo Festival
1st May, 2013

The 'Zuzu Judo Festival' is another club activity open to all judokas.

This event is going to be divided in two parts.

The first part will be dedicated to children up to 10 years. After some games which are going to serve as a warming up, the participants will demonstrate their skills in a two minutes session. Each participant will play as much rounds as possible.

The second part will be left for judokas over 11 years and will have a ‘shiai’ format. Sensei Joseph Caruana (Iz-Zuzu), the founder of Judo in Malta, will present a medal to every participant.


Other judo clubs are invited to participate.


DATE: Wednesday, 1st May 2013

TIME: 9.00am till 2.00pm

PLACE: Corradino Sports Complex

FEE: Eur 2.50


All participants, who are going to attend, are kindly requested to wear a Judo Gi.


For further details, kindly contact Sensei Mario Cardona on 99496556

Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club (HBJC) is one of the top dojos in Malta. It has a thriving membership ranging from beginners to National Squad players and others who practise judo as a way of healthy lifestyle. Their ages start at around 5 years old and go to 60 years and over.

It caters for more than just judo as our coaches invite other martial arts clubs to practise with our judokas.  So far we had a number of session with Brazilian jujitsu, Olympic wrestling, Kendo and Aiki Jujitsu.

HBJC is affiliated with the Malta Judo Federation and the Malta Sports Council.